First Team League History

1949-50Welsh League South Division Two West3813141169863711 (20)Played as Betws FC
1950-51Welsh League South Division Two West38169137665417 (20)Played as Betws FC
1951-1952Welsh League South Division Two West3210517721052513 (20)Played as Betws FC
1952-53Welsh League South Division Two West32156119078366 (17)Played as Betws FC
1953-54Welsh League South Division Two West36185138973416 (19)Played as Betws FC
1954-55Welsh League South Division Two West38174179599386 (20)Played as Betws FC
1955-56Welsh League South Division Two West325720611061715 (17)Played as Betws FC
1956-57Welsh League South Division Two West32146127254349 (17)Played as Betws FC
1957-58Welsh League South Division Two West38277413056612 (20)Played as Betws FC
1958-59Welsh League South Division Two West38274514460581 (19)Played as Betws FC
Promoted to WLS1
1959-60Welsh League South Division One3812719731113116 (20)Played as Betws FC
1960-61Welsh League South Division One386428561131619 (20)Changed name to Ammanford Town

Relegated to WLS D2W
1961-62Welsh League South Division Two West3019389249415 (16)
1962-63Welsh League South Division Two West30142149984306 (16)
1963-64Welsh League South Division Two West2684145163209 (14)
1964-65Welsh League South Division Two West3023349235492 (16)Promoted to WLS Division One - as Runners Up to Chepstow Town
1965-66Welsh League South Division One3024518532531 (16)Promoted to WLS Premier Division - as Champions of Division One
1966-67Welsh League South Premier Division 3017677044402 (16)Runners up to Cardiff Reserves
1967-68Welsh League South Premier Division 3425548537552 (18)Runners u to Cardiff Reserves
1968-69Welsh League South Premier Division 341291364493311 (18)
1969-70Welsh League South Premier Division3459106247398 (13)
1970-71Welsh League South Premier Division South34146145245349 (18)
1971-72Welsh League South Premier Division341371457593310 (18)
1972-73Welsh League South Premier Division34146145355349 (18)
1973-74Welsh League South Premier Division34141195447398 (18)
1974-75Welsh League South Premier Division3411101363713210 (18)
1975-76Welsh League South Premier Division34151276540425 (18)
1976-77Welsh League South Premier Division341171649592913 (18)
1977-78Welsh League South Premier Division34151096949405 (18)
1978-79Welsh League South Premier Division34141194742397 (18)
1979-80Welsh League South Premier Division341113105054357 (18)
1980-81Welsh League South Premier Division341181549543013 (18)
1981-82Welsh League South Premier Division34165133839537 (18)
1982-83Welsh League South Premier Division34672137712518 (18)Relegated to Welsh Premier Division - National Division is created
1983-84Welsh League South Premier Division361361748634512 (19)
1984-85Welsh League South Premier Division34119144646429 (18)
1985-86Welsh League South Premier Division34129134454459 (18)
1986-87Welsh League South Premier Division3416995435576 (18)
1987-88Welsh League South Premier Division341281433494410 (18)Changed name to Ammanford
1988-89Welsh League South Premier Division3422757236733 (18)Promoted to Welsh National Division
1989-90Welsh National Division30761732542714 (16)
1990-91Welsh National Division30262220861216 (16)Relegated to Welsh League Division One
1991-92Welsh League Division One3216975535573 (17)Missed Runner Up spot by 1 goal

Promoted due to re-shuffle

Welsh Premier League is created
1992-93Welsh League Division One2611783844406 (14)
1993-94Welsh League Division One34136155255459 (18)
1994-95Welsh League Division One361281643524415 (19)
1995-96Welsh League Division One346523431052317 (18)Relegated to Welsh League Division Two
1996-67Welsh League Division Two30761745822712 (16)
1997-98Welsh League Division Two30135124558448 (16)
1998-99Welsh League Division Two3018577130593 (16)Promoted to Welsh League Division One
1999-2000Welsh League Division One341061841543616 (18)
2000-01Welsh League Division One34118154556419 (18)
2001-02Welsh League Division One36852340852918 (19)Relegated to Welsh League Division Two
2002-03Welsh League Division Two341451565634710 (18)
2003-04Welsh League Division Two321071552663710 (17)
2004-05Welsh League Division Two34881846653216 (18)Stayed up due to merger of Neath & Skewen
2005-06Welsh League Division Two341071744613712 (18)
2006-07Welsh League Division Two34159106363546 (18)
2007-08Welsh League Division Two341171667743712 (18)Deducted 3 points
2008-09Welsh League Division Two34151097352558 (18)
2009-10Welsh League Division Two34166126747545 (18)
2010-11Welsh League Division Two301061440503612 (16)
2011-12Welsh League Division Two30961544673312 (16)
2012-13Welsh League Division Two30137105449466 (16)
2013-14Welsh League Division Two30771649552813 (16)Relegated due to FAW re-structure
2014-15Welsh League Division Three3422488955703 (180Promoted to WLD2
2015-16Welsh League Division Two30163115944515 (16)
2016-17Welsh League Division Two30155106647506 (16)
2017-18Welsh League Division Two3020377437633 (16)Promoted to WLD1
2018-19Welsh League Division One30106145157369 (16)