Reserve Team League History

2003-04Welsh League Reserve Division West28821843832612 (15)
2004-05Welsh League Reserve Division West301131665833311 (16) Deducted Points
2005-06Welsh League Reserve Division West28961355613310 (15)
2006-07 Welsh League Reserve Division West2816578046536 (15)
2007-08Welsh League Reserve Division West187293742235 (10)
2008-09Welsh League Reserve Division West2413385257425 (13)
2009-10Welsh League Reserve Division West22431525571511 (12)
2010-11Welsh League Reserve Division West1402121266-18 (8)Deducted 3 points for failing to field team.

Pulled out of Reserve Welsh League
2011-12Carmarthenshire League Division Three2010736536314 (11)Deducted 6 points for fielding ineligible players

Promoted to Division Two due to teams leaving
2012-13Carmarthenshire League Division Two2282125967269 (12)
2013-14Carmarthenshire League Division Two2212195639375 (12)
2014-15Carmarthenshire League Division Two22180410427541 (12)League Champions

Promoted to Division One
2015-16Carmarthenshire League Division One26183510547572 (14)
2016-17Carmarthenshire League Division One2621148238641 (14)League Champions
2017-18Carmarthenshire League Division One2619344660603 (14)
2018-19Carmarthenshire League Division One241635512 (13)Runners Up to Pontlliw