Message from the Chairman: Season Cancelled

 It is with extreme annoyance and frustration that we have to report that the National Sports Group, following consultation with PHW, have rejected the WFA application for the JD South and North leagues to have “Elite Status” designation reinstated. As a football club we appreciate the continued health risks faced during the current pandemic and fully understand that people’s health and well being remain a priority. The consequence of this decision is that the planned condensed 2020/21 season will now not be going ahead.

As many people will be aware, whilst this is effectively the third “false dawn” we have faced in attempting to get the season underway, what may not be so evident is the significant ongoing efforts and work many associated with the club have undertaken in continued pursuit of what has turned out to be a false hope. Gruff and his coaching team and all playing staff have worked with great dedication and consistency, in group sessions and pursuing individual training programmes, to maintain fitness levels; the frustration felt by the players and coaches is palpable and in the immediate aftermath of the decision fully understood.

The management group at the club have worked tirelessly to ensure all training activities at the club have been appropriately managed within the COVID guidance rules. In addition to this the COVID team, managed by Dylan Higgon, created a match day plan to ensure our complete facility is fully compliant with COVID protocols. The marketing team, lead by Jason Pocock, have made massive efforts to engage existing and new sponsors to support the club in these uncertain times. Many of you will also be aware, that in our usual inimitable, innovative style we even created a virtual season ticket offer to provide fans with some engagement with the club whilst not being able to actually watch us. We’ve even produced a surface akin to Wembley with Tosh’s expertise and Brian’s man management skills. Sadly the efforts of all concerned have been to no avail, in the short term at least! As Chairman I want to record my full appreciation for the work and input of everyone involved in all the efforts of recent months.

The dedication of the coaching team, players and the staff and volunteers has been exceptional, but to be honest, did I expect anything less from all associated with our club? Let’s consider the frustration and disappointment we feel now, and harness that for our future endeavours, and come back stronger for season 2021/22. So, a massive thank you to all, and let’s get ready “to go again”.

Rob and the Management Team


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